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    Continuous Ink - Jet printing (CIJ)

    Continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) discharge ink and print directly onto the target. It is a non-contact method that can print on any type of target without smearing, printing errors or target damage. The compact head size and the ability to print in any direction ensure easy installation in a wide range of applications from conveyors to packaging machines. Depending on the ink type, the print is able to withstand harsh conditions, including storage in humid environments.

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    High Resolution Printing (HR)

    The ultimate device for high-resolution printing. All codes produced using this technology are GS1 quality compliant. Prints text, graphics, logos and all types of bar and 2D codes. Printing possible on absorbent and non-absorbent materials. Can print on all types of materials. Up to 4 print heads can be connected to one controller system (MRX model). Orientation possible vertically, horizontally or independently. The same applies to parameter settings. Control is by means of a Touch-Screen display. UBS Designer graphic label creation software is also available.

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    Thermal Ink - Jet Printing (TIJ)

    Ink - Jet printers using solvent or water based cartridge technology are also available in our range. These devices can be mounted directly on the production line. They can be used for almost all types of materials e.g. paper, wood, textiles, plastic, glass, most metals etc. The offer is extended by handheld printers which can be used for reprinting or printing with low number of products. They are a handy helper for your needs.

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